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Keeping Christopher

Sequel to SAVING NATHANIEL, also by Jillian Ward

Nathaniel has a new wife and a new life, but all he's ever dreamed about is having a son, and with the arrival of baby Christopher it looks as if his dream has finally come true. If only it were that simple...

Nathaniel and Megan Mackie have barely settled into their new life of wedded bliss together when a blue envelope brings them catastrophic news. Before they know it, the couple are up to their necks in the murky worlds of surrogacy and blackmail, breaking the law and deceiving their families, opening up old wounds and dragging out secrets and lies from each other's pasts. Each new revelation further threatens to tear their new found happiness apart. If they are to secure their future together as a family, the most desperate measures are called for.

Reviewed by Alyson Owen

7 January 2021



What an enchanting book, from beginning to end!
Thoroughly enjoyed every page, the story grew from the outset and yet still kept you on the edge of your seat as well!
I can not recommend this highly enough

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